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2006- Continuous Incident Books 1-10 - 10 unique books, mixed media on Asian paper, with digital covers 20.5 x 20.5 inches


"Spend more time with Continuous Incident and the logic that unites the disparate parts asserts itself. We recognize recurrent poses and gestures among the layered silhouettes of Mackie's gravity-defying heroine. These repetitions, in turn, prove to have been extracted from the artist's first explorations of her theme: a series of incredibly fragile, exquisitely crafted books, each recounting, in a different way, "The Story of the Woman Who Fell to Earth" through overlapping, cut-out images. The many manifestations of the woman in the big dress, presented in the installation as positive shapes, are, in the books, holes in Macke's richly modulated pages, reinforced, "drawn," or crossed by slender threads; we see through the iconic silhouettes to the pages that follow." from essay by Karen Wilkin


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