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"Lisa Macke takes us on a vicarious journey with her as we contemplate the images in My Africa, her richly illustrated volumes that document her stay at the Thapong Artist Workshop in Malahapye, Botswana. However, these bound art books are only a portion of the first of a two-part installation at the Giordano Gallery, Oakdale, Long Island." Stephen Lamia, Associate Professor of Visual Arts, Dowling College, Long Island - 2002


2002 - My Africa #1 and #2, each set of books is in 2 volumes, #1 + #2, mixed media photography with digitally printed written vignettes placed on textural images. Each volume is bound in a loose leaf ring note- book covered with muslin and red tinted sand, 11 x 9 inches.

“…The first of these, My Africa: Carpet of Wings also includes two intriguing photographs that have merged together: one of Semina, a Zimbabwean sculptor standing with a plastic bag and contemplating a circle of stones at her feet, and the other showing Semina's hand lifting a brilliant piece of yellow-green tuille, embroidered with a diamond pattern, to reveal a tray of water glasses. These combined images present the viewer with jarring visual paradoxes that strike a familiar, yet imaginative chord: they are the simultaneous juxtapositioning of the ordinary with the extraordinary." Lamia

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