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1998 - The Journal Paintings: Millay Colony - installation, June Kelly Gallery, New York Art Guide, New York Times, 1998 - "June Kelly Gallery... Colorful, multimedia paintings in the form of large open books in which abstracted, fragmentary, layered imagery evokes generalized landscapes. Called "The Journal Paintings.," the series arises from the artist's world-roving travels, but the impact is more formal than diaristic." (Johnson).

These pieces have been created through an art process that in turn creates a range of images. This large circle of images echoes the Journal Paintings - Japan, 1993. In July 1995 I was an artist in resident at Millay Colony. Before I left, I took a series of photos. From the photo sequence, I drew the images in the Millay Journal, called The Key Book. In an identical handmade book, I drew and painted visual notes as well as wrote about the drawings. This watercolor and computer generated book is called The Dialogue Book. When the books are viewed simultaneously there is a correlation of image and text on each corresponding page. This series was completed in 1997. Sections of The Dialogue Book were printed in Xerox. The new series was printed in color with a printing from a Xerox method. The writing was edited and used as the text for a computer generated book, along with photos from the initial photo series. This book is called Millay, 2000 - Lisa Macke 1998 

1998 - Millay Journal - 2 unique books, mixed media on Asian paper. The books are Japanese bound in goat skin with acrylic pools. 17.5 X14.5 inches. plus 1 unique book - Millay with computer generated text printed on Asian paper with images printed on archival clay coated paper. Also with images printed from Xerox copies in color on acrylic tinted Arches paper. The book is bound with a velvet cover with acrylic molding paste and earth and an acrylic pool, 12 x 18 inches.

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