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The word “Michi” is Japanese for pathway. A “Michi” 
is a walkway usually in a garden or small unpaved sidewalk.

It can also refer to a path of thought, a way, or direction.

My work is a compilation of picture fragments that  I have

photographed drawn and written about and remembered.

The images deal with a delicate balance between

cognition and process. The source of each large ‘circle’

of work has been initiated as an investigation of a sequence. 

Initially, ‘the sequence is explored in the form of several related

unique books that are both visual and written. Paintings, 

paper pieces, text,computer generated images, and sculpture

develop from the process of tracing and editing all the materials. 

Through my own intuitive explanation, I again uncover more

visuals and text. I have found that by tracking the evolution of

each image, and by further scrutinizing and honing there is a type

of infinity that results.

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