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2015-2018 - The Horseshoe Crab. Here Then and Now - The medium for the book cover is acrylic on canvas with mixed-media. The pages are acrylic on canvas at the binding extending to Solarplates printed on tinted Asian paper. The text is printed with a paper lithography technique. This is a one of a kind book created and printed in New York City at Lisa Mackie Studio. The concept and writing for the book, Here Then and Now, originated during research that Mackie did at Dowling College in collaboration with the Art Department, Art Club and the Biology Department. In 2002 this work resulted in a mural about the Horseshoe Crab installed at Dowling College, Long Island. Beginning in 2015, Mackie continued her independent study and exploration of the Horseshoe Crab which culminated in the book and exhibit, Here Then and Now, at June Kelly Gallery, 2018. The book measures 41 x 32 inches.


"Mackie transforms the gallery space into a rich environment within itself, sated with imaginative hanging solar objects - sun and moon, provocative color in mixed media paintings, free-standing sculpture and a video projection with narrative voice-over of Béla Bartók's Mikrokosmos. Mackie, abstract painter, master printer and ambitious storyteller fascinated with the ancient organism, the Horseshoe Crab, ardently seeks to convey the common characteristics of evolution between human and creature by using the Horseshoe Crab metaphorically. It is the life cycle itself - human and animal - that has been devised to amazing dramatic effect by Mackie." June Kelly Gallery

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