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2009 - The Earth Journal - 36 x 24 inches, unique hand painted book. The pages are made of delicate varied Asian papers that are layered with hand painting and shiny collage materials. 


The turn of each page offers a rearrangement of very sensual, visual images: gloves, wings, figures, kayaks, hair, bows and letters. We view the woman with the surprise ball memory. Her head is wrapped. The woman's shoes are with a video projection of a man's shoes. There are the plans. The space wife views a reflected image of her husband on the earth, and so on. The book is bound so that the pages can be removed and hung on the wall in an installation.


2011 - Earth Journal is echoed in a series of ten additional Earth-Handbooks, that vary in size from 30 x 44 inches (open) to 96 x 88 inches (open). These books are presented open on the wall. Their delicate pages can be turned and are held in place with spherical magnets. The handbooks present a type of survival guide. These wordless books each depict the same images in the same sequence. Everything stays unknown yet nothing is random. The sequence is frozen. The images vary in each book. The final pages of the books paint a trail of winged sculptures floating in the river held together by a net that is attached to a light green kayak. This series is departing from Mackie's Continuous Incident exhibit, June Kelly Gallery, 2008 and the movie of The Man Who Fell to Earth with David Bowie.


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