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What is a Lisa Mackie Studio Collaboration like?

Lisa Mackie is the proprietor of Lisa H. Mackie Studios, an open, contract, fine art print shop established in NYC, 1990. Lisa is a Master Printer with 40 years experience in lithography, intagilo etching, silkscreen, monotyupe/print, multiplate color printmaking, photo/print processes including Solar Plates, photo litho, Pronto Plate and printing from a Xerox Copy, also Western and Asian paper-making.

She has a BFA and MFA in painting and printmaking from the University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin. Her clients include artists such as Marylyn Dintenfass, Amy Ernst, Grace Hartigan, Katherine Kadish, Wolf Kahn, Sol Lewitt, Emily Mason and Marianne Weil. Lisa's New York City print Studio is sunny and fully equipped with a 36x60 Charles Brand Etching Press, Asian Papermaking facilities, and plate and stone lithography.

The Studio is very private, and completely catered to your artistic and printmaking desires. A typical day is 10am-5pm. The artist works quietly or with music, drawing and painting on matrices and Lisa is at the press and also prepares a studio cooked lunch so the artist's focus can continue on a full day of printmaking. Lisa sets up and cleans up, also flattens and curates your new portfolio of prints. We offer reasonable day rates and special project edition, and small group rates. Artist residency and private lessonare are also available.

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Artists & Their Prints at the Studio:

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