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1997-1998 - Word and Image/Word as Image: Contemporary Prints, Portfolios, and Artists' Books at the Zimmerli Art Museum. NJ – Featuring Arakawa, Red Grooms, Joan Snyder and others. Lisa Mackie's handmade books and prints document her travels in Japan. They layer evocative images and journal entries, suggesting visually the process of reminiscence. Zimmerli Museum press release, Aug. 1997. Lower right image: Zimmerli Museum Exhibition Case: Lisa Mackie, The Japan Journal paintings and books


1994-1997 - The Journal Paintings: Japan Journal - 4 unique books total. The Sister Book and The Brother Book are 2 mixed media books on Arches paper that is hand tinted with watercolor. The Sister Book is a collection of photo snapshots of the artist's trip to Japan. The Brother Book is a corresponding book with paintings that depart from the ideas in the photographs in the Sister Book. The Books are Japanese bound in hemp paper that was handmade in Japan and bleached Caba paper, 16 x 24 inches. A third smaller book of sketches and writing Journal-Japan contains new artwork and ideas from the Japan-Journal. The mixed media book is drawn on Arches paper, tinted with acrylic. The cover for the Japanese bound book is made of goat skin and bleached Caba paper. 7.5 x 11 inches. 1996 - The Saihoji Journal is the fourth Book. It is a compilation of images and writing from the 3 previous books. It is printed on acrylic tinted Arches paper with the printing from Xerox technique. The book is Japanese bound and covered with acrylic coated canvas with visual elements that use the printing from Xerox technique and it is collaged with paper stepping stones made of acrylic, 13 x 19 inches.

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