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"Through the whole of this installation, it is the earth itself that has been conjured to wondrous and theatrical effect. "Earth" occurs like a resonant syllable of a chant - in which meaning is gleaned not through identification, but in increasing intensity through sensation and repetition."

"Linking the "earth" manifestations in this installation is a textured tome from which pictorial expressions of rivers, forests, movement and color literally spill beyond the confines of the bound volume." Christina Kee


Earth/River is a unique book with mixed media dimensional cover, hand painted word pages, solarplate printing on tinted paper with painting and digital images, 10 x 19 inches. 

"Through the unusual medium of projection onto a completed painting, Mackie combines the filmic storytelling of an everyday occurrence with the charged atmosphere of a completely imaginary visual field - replete with symbolic and emotive force. The effect is a multi-sensory re-enactment of a moment that might otherwise occur in silence and without record." Christina Kee


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