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The paper pieces, for me were like visual notes. They served as a means to investigate further the content of the three books. When they were resolved, I decided to proceed by carefully framing two new images from each work. Forty black and white laser prints resulted. At that point the text from the Brother Book worked precisely with the laser prints. From this new compilation another book resulted. The new series was printed in color with a particular litho method. A paper laser print is used as the litho plate. Water and ink is applied alternately and the image is then printed. The superimposed text is hand written with acrylic markers. This book is called the Saiho-ji Journal, named after an ancient moss garden in Kyoto.

"Mrs. Yamchita is an expert paper-maker. She works in Etchizen village with her two sons. 
She is the head of a mill that specializes in mitusmata washi, a specific Japanese fiber."

Saiho-ji Journal 17 x 25 inches
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